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Production Line

Material preparation: The first step in the metal processing production line is to prepare the metal raw materials. Raw materials can be in the form of metal sheets, rods, pipes, etc. At this stage, raw materials are inspected, cut and sorted to ensure they meet processing requirements.

Processing techniques: Next, the raw materials are processed and transformed through a series of processing techniques. These processes may include the following processes:

Cutting: Use cutting equipment (such as shears, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, etc.) to cut metal raw materials into the required size and shape.

Bending and forming: Use equipment such as bending machines, roll bending machines, and punching machines to bend, stretch, and shape metal raw materials to obtain the desired curves, angles, and shapes.

Machining and machining centers: Precision machining operations such as drilling, milling, and turning are performed on machining centers or CNC machines to create complex holes and surface features.

Welding and joining: Using welding equipment (such as arc welding, laser welding, gas welding, etc.) to join metal parts to form larger components or structures.

Surface treatment: Polishing, spraying, electroplating and other treatments are performed on the metal surface to provide protection and decorative effects.

Quality Control: Quality control is crucial throughout the entire processing process. Through the use of inspection equipment and technology, quality inspection and testing of processing and final products are performed to ensure that products meet specifications and requirements.

Assembly and packaging: Finished metal parts and components are assembled together to form the final product. Assembly usually involves methods such as bolting, welding, and bonding. Once assembled, the product will be packaged to protect the integrity and safety of the product during transportation and storage.

Shipping and Delivery: Finally, the finished product will be shipped and delivered to the customer. This includes arranging appropriate logistics and transportation methods to ensure products reach their destination on time.

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We accept OEM and ODM customization, various metal specifications can be printed with LOGO, and metal materials are accepted for functional design and production.

Fabrication and Assembly: We can fabricate and assemble metal products as per the designs and specifications provided by our customers. They can transform designs provided by customers into actual products and ensure product quality and consistency.

Customized production: Customized production can be carried out according to customer needs to meet the specific requirements of different customers. They can adjust the product's characteristics such as size, shape, material and surface treatment according to the customer's requirements.

Packaging and Delivery: Packaging and delivery services can be provided for products to ensure their integrity and safety during transportation and storage. They can choose the appropriate packaging method according to the customer's requirements and arrange the logistics and transportation of the product.

Brand customization and logo: Brand customization and logo can be carried out on products according to customer requirements. They can produce product identification, packaging and promotional materials in accordance with the customer's brand image and requirements.



We have a professional R&D team in the field to provide products with the best quality and high stability. Cooperating with well-known institutions of higher learning and research institutions at home and abroad. A number of the core technological achievements and technical indicators at the international advanced level.