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Quality Control
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China Suzhou Haichuan Rare Metal Products Co., Ltd. certifications
Issue Date:2021-06-23
Expiry Date:2024-06-22
QC Profile

Quality management system: Establish and implement a quality management system, such as ISO 9001 quality management system, etc. This system includes quality policies, procedures and processes designed to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

Quality planning: During the product development and design stages, develop a quality planning plan, including defining product specifications, quality objectives, and inspection requirements. Quality planning will guide and control quality throughout the entire production process.

Incoming material inspection: Conduct incoming material inspection on raw materials to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets the requirements. Incoming material inspection can include appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, chemical composition analysis, etc. Only qualified raw materials can enter the production process.

Process control: Through strict production process control, the quality consistency of the product during the manufacturing process is ensured. This includes setting process parameters, monitoring production equipment, adopting automated control technology, etc. to reduce human error and variability.

Online inspection and testing: During the production process, online inspection and testing are performed to monitor product quality. This can include real-time monitoring and measurement of product size, shape, surface quality, etc. using sensors and inspection equipment.

Final inspection and testing: After the product is manufactured, final inspection and testing is performed to ensure that the product meets specifications and standards. This can include dimensional measurements, physical performance testing, functional testing, etc. to verify product performance and reliability.

Processing of defective products: If defective products are found during quality inspection, corresponding measures will be taken to deal with defective products. This may include repair, reprocessing, scrapping or retrospective analysis to eliminate the impact of defective products on product quality.

Recording and traceability: All quality control data and inspection results will be recorded, and a product traceability system will be established. This helps track the production process and quality information of the product for traceability and investigation if needed.

Continuous improvement: Actively carry out continuous improvement of quality management. By analyzing quality data and feedback information, identify problems and take corrective measures to improve product quality and production efficiency.

We ensure product consistency, reliability and compliance with customer requirements through strict quality control measures. This helps build trusting relationships and deliver high-quality metal products and solutions.

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